Contribute material

At present we are not accepting article submissions, but we might do so sometime. For now, if you make cogent and useful contributions, either in response to a blog or by using our "Contact Us" page, then we will be happy to incorporate your suggestions in our material and to give you full credit (glory not money, for now). When you make a contribution in that way, please let us know by what moniker you would like to be acknowledged, otherwise we'll just use the nickname or real name you use when you contact us. We assume that everything you send is is fair game for publication. Equally, we have no obligation to publish stuff that's dull and uninteresting. (Sometimes you might think we are dull, and if so let us know and we'll take notice. Maybe. It is our website after all.)

Contribute by buying stuff

You will see ads by Google on this site for products and services that we don't necessarily know much about, but they are there because some smart algorithm has worked out that you might, at some non-zero level of probability, be interested. If you actually are interested, following those links to find out more might generate some micro-pennies, for which we will be very grateful.

Contribute money

It does take time, effort, money, coffee and more to keep this website running. Anyone is welcome to use it ... but if you find the site useful, why not help us out with a contribution to help keep easysqueezebox on the air. Or buy some coffee. Thank you!


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