About Squeezebox

  • Squeezebox is a digital music playing system. The Server feeds music to one or more Players. The Player feeds music to your audio system - desktop speakers, headphones, boombox, state of the art stereo, or surround system. Your audio system feeds music to your ears, which is the point fo the whole exercise.
  • Once upon a time ... there was SlimServer. Then it became SqueezeCenter, then Squeezebox Server. Today it is Logitech Media Server (LMS). The name has changed, but this is one server application that has continued to evolve over the years.
  • Squeezebox Server (LMS) runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Squeezebox players run on Linux, Mac and Windows, and there are also some dedicated appliances (mostly with Linux inside). 
  • Logitech no longer manufactures its range of Squeeze devices. But don't let that stop you enjoying the music ... we have some other options. 
  • The Squeezebox community is huge, and the expertise to make Squeezebox the core of your audio system is out there. We will help you tap into those resources. 

More About Squeezebox

About easysqueezebox.com

Lots of people use Squeezebox, and many of them find it rather easy. But those people often have a coding or IT background, and some of them spend a big part of their lives working with computer software. And they listen to music.

However, Squeezebox should be used by a lot more people, because it really is one of the best ways for everyone to enjoy music in the home: high quality, well-organized, easy to use. It should be used by people who aren't computer specialists. The average reasonably technically literate user should be able to enjoy Squeezebox. But getting Squeezebox set up is sometimes way more effort than it should be: for some of us, it's difficult to dig out the relevant information; when you find it, it can be contradictory and confusing. And sometimes it is just incomprehensible to us, although clearly not to the people who wrote it. We admit it: we're not as smart as those guys. 

Easysqueezebox is here to help people through that initial frustrating learning curve. We are not computer gurus, or coders, or aliens from a smarter planet, yet despite that we have been able to set up and enjoy our Squeezebox systems. Now we just feel that it would be a good thing to help others do that too, as best we can. We can do that by identifying the easy options and warning people about the difficult stuff. We can translate the wisdom of gurus into simpler language. Our focus is getting people as quickly and easily as possible to a point where they can listen to music. 

BTW If you are a computer guru, or a coder, or an alien from a smarter planet, you're welcome too. Give us ordinary folks a hand by responding to the articles and giving us the benefit of your wisdom.

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