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The easysqueezebox site is dedicated to helping music enthusiasts get started with Squeezebox Server and Squeeze playback devices. We provide information and project guides to help you spend less time researching and more time building your system and listening to music. Mostly, we hope, listening to music.

Over a few years of using Squeeze Server and various Squeeze devices, we have found it to be one of the most capable music server/player systems around. But ...there is a learning curve. There is some very useful information out there, notably on the Squeezebox Community Forum which is great for experts, but it can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. So our aim is to help you track down the information you need and add some advice of our own based on what we have found to work (for us).

  • The About page contains more about Squeezebox, our aims for easysqueezebox.com, and a contact form for suggestions.
  • The Projects pages provide step-by-step instructions for some hardware and software projects, with links to information sources, and products you might need.
  • The Articles pages contain information, ideas and suggestions. Not exactly projects, but practical (mostly). This section includes the links page with links to other Squeezebox sites and product information.
  • The Blog pages include random thoughts about Squeezebox news and developments, as they arise, and anything that doesn't fit anywhere else on the site. 
We are here to help you get started, and then to provide advice on how to go a bit further. For detailed technical support, please continue to use the Squeezebox Community Forum - we use that too, and we don't want to run a parallel forum to make life even more complicated.

Squeezebox Quick Info

Squeezebox is a digital music playing system. It feeds music to your audio system. Your audio system feeds music to your ears.

Once upon a time ... there was SlimServer. Then it became SqueezeCenter, then Squeezebox Server. Today it is Logitech Media Server (LMS). 

Squeezebox server runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. Squeezebox players run on Linux, Mac and Windows, and some dedicated appliances. 

Logitech no longer manufactures its range of Squeeze devices. But don't let that stop you enjoying the music ... we have some other options. 

The Squeezebox community is huge, and the expertise to make Squeezebox the core of your audio system is out there. We will help you tap into those resources.

Donations Welcome!

If you have found the Easysqueezebox.com website useful, we'd be delighted if you could support our work by making a contribution to the cost of running this website. Whether you send the price of a cup of coffee (we drink a lot of coffee) or the price of a bottle of champagne (we don't get so much of that), we'll be grateful. You can donate any amount small or big using the button below. You can use Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

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