The most recent 7.9 versions of Squeezebox Server (LMS) for Windows are here:

(Note that the Logitech official site at does not yet offer the most recent community versions. It's been stuck at Version 7.5.5 for some time.)

Download the executable file (or, if you prefer, the msi installer) and run it. Follow the on-screen instructions. When you click Finish, the Logitech Media Server Control Panel should appear. (If not, find the installed application and run it.)

You can set up your system (file locations, library name etc in the control panel. Or you can access the Server from another machine: Squeezebox Server runs in just the same way on Windows as it does on any other platform so you can manage music, players and settings through server's web interface. Find out the LAN IP address of the server and go to port :9000 on the server.

For example, if your server is located at LAN address then use your browser to go to and you will find the LMS interface there. 

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