At first glance, the Beaglebone Black looks like a great candidate for a music player. Compared to the Raspberry Pi, it's a little smaller and somewhat more powerful.

And, indeed, the Beaglebone Black (BBB) is a very nice little processor, ideal for a whole host of DIY projects from home automation to robotics. It really does fit in an Altoid's tin!

But, we haven't been successful (yet) in running Squeezplay on the system. This is not a Beaglebone problem. But, in the absence of user-friendly Squeezeplay documentation suitable for non-geeks, getting Squeezebox music out of this box involves a deal of trial and error. And frustration. But we continue to work on it, so we can eventually provide complete and easy instructions for our readers!

We have installed Debian Wheezy plus Squeezeplay at least half a dozen times, following all the instructions we can find online, but it's never worked. Admittedly that is probably because here at we aren't really all that brilliant at Linux stuff: we're too impatient because we want to just sit back and listen to the music. That's why we focus on easy stuff.

So right now, BBB with Squeezeplay doesn't qualify as "easy". So, no easysqueezebox guide.

However eventually we will come up with a definitive and repeatable guide to installation, or some helpful person will point us towards one. Or someone will develop a package that anyone can install. 

Does it work? Yes, apparently, but not for us, yet.
Is it stable: Don't know.
Is it easy? No. (See "Does it work?")

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