WiMP and Qobuz Music Streaming

Posted by admin on May 14, 2014

In my blog on the topic of the end of MOG, I listed some music on demand services that work on Squeezebox. However back then (two days ago) I didn't know about WiMP. (Thank you Marvin!)

WiMP is based in Denmark and is currently available in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Poland. They have two price plans, one at DK99 per month and the Premium plan at DK199 per month. A bit pricier than other services, but with the top plan you get CD quality FLAC and the ability to play it on your Squeezebox system. They also provide country-specific editorial and recommendations that appears to be a bit more grown-up than typical. Currently over 20 million tracks available and growing, and they're planning expansion to other countries. 

You can find instructions on how to connect your Squeezebox server to WiMP here: https://wimp.dk/wweb/about/squeezebox/

The only other m-o-d service we know of offering CD quality FLACs is the French company Qobuz. They too offer a premium service (around €20 per month) that streams CD quality FLACs. Qobuz also offers a classical-only service at a slightly lower price. I didn't list Qobuz because I wasn't aware they had a Squeezebox app, but now I've been set right on that too: look for the plugin under "Other third party plug-ins."