Who Needs More than One Server?

Posted by admin on July 8, 2014

If you're reading this, you may already have a Squeezebox server, probably running on Linux, Windows or Mac. Why would you need a new server? Why, indeed, might you want more than one server running at the same time? Some unstructured thoughts on those topics...

  • One reason might be that your old server is dying; these things happen. It's better to get your new server up and running before the old one dies. That way you can copy your library, playlists and so on to the new location without panic. You can also ensure that any special settings are replicated on the new box. 
  • Perhaps it's occurred to you that your old server is using more energy than your heating system. A new server, appropriately sized, could save measurable money.
  • If your space is limited, perhaps you have no choice but to have your server in a place where you also listen to music. If you're using a big old box for your server, it's probably time for a new one: one that's smaller and quieter. You could place a small fanless PC, or even a Pi-based server right beside your TV or your surround sound processor.
  • Some people have different servers for different audio formats, so that each player connects only to the server that contains music of the correct type. 
  • I suppose you could split up your music collection by genre also, for example so that certain old folks aren't exposed to anything made after 1955. Or so that impressionable young children aren't exposed to musical erotica, such as Carmina Burana. Or Carmen, for that matter. Just a thought.

When servers are expensive, you find a way to live with the one you have. With Squeezebox, a new server can be fairly inexpensive, especially if you can repurpose an older laptop or small desktop. Or a super-small, inexpensive, quiet and cool Raspberry Pi might work for a smaller music collection.