Where are the new versions of Squeezebox Server?

Posted by trig on January 12, 2017

Mike Z asked us:

"You mention a media server version beyond 7.7x. I have 3 Squeezebox Touch ... where is the upgrade beyond 7.7x?"

Good question, because the Logitech site at http://www.mysqueezebox.com/download now only offers Server version 7.7.5. 

To get more recent versions you need to go to the Slim devices website where the Squeezebox community offers versions up to 7.9.0 for Windows, Mac and various versions of Linux/Unix/BSD:


Also, Vortexbox 2.4 (a complete package with Fedora plus LMS and more) now comes with LMS 7.9.


Thanks for the question, Mike!. We’ll update the relevant articles on the easysqueezebox.com website to include this information.


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