Vidabox OpenSqueeze Player

Posted by trig on November 19, 2014

Here's something we missed. In September 2013, Vidabox launched a Squeezebox player called Vidabox OpenSqueeze Solo.

This little box will fit easily into an existing Squeezebox system, but of course you'll need an amp and speakers to connect it to, or a pair of powered speakers. It could also drive (some) headphones directly. If you already have a Squeezebox Server (SBS), you should be able to plug the Vidabox into your LAN and control it from the SBS web interface. You can buy it for $239 from the Vidabox website or $249 from Amazon, and it qualifies for Prime shipping.

We have not yet auditioned this box, but there are reviews by Madshrimps, techpowerup, and the Gadgeteer and there's a few more out there. Overall response is quite favorable.


Technically the Solo is a Cubieboard inside, running Cubian, which is a Debian-based OS, plus a built-in DAC. The software is described as open source, but the actual app used is not specified. Out guess is that it could be Squeezelite, or something very similar. The spec indicates that the only audio output is a 3.5mm headphone jack, which might put off some users who would prefer to use their own DAC or processor. Interestingly, some reviews show a version of this box with an HDMI output, but there is no indication that the Solo can easily be configured to send audio over HDMI. The current version illustrated on both the Vidabox website and on Amazon does not show an HDMI port. 

The Cubieboard is something like a Raspberry Pi, but is considerably more powerful, so it should perform at least as well as a Pi-based player, and probably measurably faster.

The Solo does not come with WiFI capability, so if you want wireless you'll need to use a USB wireless dongle. 

Setting this up should be a breeze if you already have a Squeezebox setup, perhaps more of a challenge if you're starting from scratch.

More details (and opinions) when we get round to reviewing this item. We applaud every addition to the range of player choices for Squeezebox users. Kudos to Vidabox for getting a product to market, and of course to everyone who contributed in whatever way to the OS and software inside. 

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