Thank you Flanux!

Posted by trig on October 23, 2014

Here is a note from Flanux ....

"Hi there,

What a great site this is !!! 

I'm a great fan of LMS, Linux, Raspberri Pi etc....

I'm living in the Netherlands and having the idea of setting up a website according to LMS and all that connects. But now i discovered your site ;-( There is already so much i also like to share. So why starting all over again, and not contributing to your site ? So if you like i can create some articles on this site.

As a start I also like to mention :

I'm using several Jogglers as a dedicated LMS player myself, and they work very well. Hope to get some feedback in return..

Greetz..... "

Thank you very much for your kind words, Flanux!

We wrote to Flanux, saying we'd be happy to have his contributions to this website. But we did ask him to try to provide material for readers who might not be brilliantly technical!

Our readership might be brilliant, but they're not all technical experts. There are lots of great websites that provide information and discussion forums for experts, but here at easysqueezebox we especially want to appeal to people who are just starting out, and trying to get their heads around the Squeezebox system. We hope those people will become the experts of tomorrow!

Anyway, I hope Flanux does send us some contributions. In fact we hope some more of you out there send in some contributions too. Just click the 'Contact' link at the bottom of any page and send us the text. Select the "Contribute" box and we'll consider it for publication.

By the way, we hope that Flanux does go ahead with his own Squeezebox website. We need as many helpful Squeezebox sites as possible, and every site can have its own approach and character. We are always happy to link to suitable articles on any other Squeezebox site if you post helpful advice for newbies.


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