Squeezelite / Arch Linux / Raspberry Pi

Posted by trig on July 10, 2014

The audio magazine/website Klang + Ton provide a link to a Raspberry Pi image that contains the Arch Linux OS distro plus Squeezelite plus (we assume) all the libraries needed to make Squeezelite work. 

In our original version of our review of DIY Squeezebox players, we suggested that installing Squeezelite on Arch Linux might be hard work for a non-expert. That hasn't changed! But this integrated package is a worthwhile step forward. Thank you, KlangundTon!

We haven't road-tested this yet, but it's now on our list. We are keen to see whether the configuration requires the user to enter command line instructions or edit a config file, or whether all of that is hidden behind a nice web interface, as in PiCorePlayer.

If any of our readers wants to try out this package, here is the link: http://www.holgerbarske.com/klangundton/squeezelite_arch_ARM6.zip

We can't find any installation instructions, so we assume that after you flash the image and boot the Pi, it will explain itself. Possibly in German, but that's to be expected. 

This is a first release, so some glitches are likely. Whatever, we are happy that there are lots of people our there working to give the Squeezebox community new, high quality, options to play our Squeezebox music.