Squeezebox server downloads

Posted by trig on May 6, 2015

An alert easysqueexebox reader, Miles, advised us that there is a problem with the Squeezebox LMS 7.9.0 downloads page. Versions 7.8.0 and earlier are still available, but the 7.9.0 files are no longer there. We know that Michael (mherger, a tireless driving force behind Squeezebox) is looking into the problem. More context is available at this forum discussion:


Also in the discussion thread, you can find links to alternative temporary locations for Debian, Windows and Mac versions of 7.9.0 provided by users PaulinPosset, schizmas, and testmatch. 

To help share the load, easysqueezebox has opened up part of its library for open access to anyone who needs these files. It includes selected 7.9.0 downloads and some earlier versions too.









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