Squeezebox Server can't find my music files!

Posted by trig on February 24, 2017

Now and again a music file wants to hide. You can see it all right but somehow it's invisible to Squeezebox server. This seems to happen with files downloaded from some online sites. It's a bit unpredictable. 

The problem is most likely a permissions flag that's not been set correctly. Specifically a directory may not have the "execute" attribute (x) set. For a directory the 'x' actually means searchable. So if a directory's not executable, Squeezebox Server can't see the files inside it. 

If your server is running on Linux, the fix is easy to describe, but can be tedious to do: all you need to do is to find the culprit directories and change their attributes using chmod. But navigating to the affected directories and entering the chmod command with the full names of each one is a bit tedious.

It's much quicker to simply reset the attributes of everything in your music library! 

If you are running the server headless you will have to use SSH ior PuTTY to access it. For example:

user$ ssh -l root

... using the appropriate IP address for your server, of course. If you have a screen and keyboard connected, just log in and access the command line. 

Once you are logged in to the server then all you need to do is to navigate to the music library and reset the attributes on every file and directory. 

Here are the commands to do it on my Vortexbox which runs Fedora. If you run LMS on Linux your commands will follow the same general pattern.

[[email protected] ~]# ls

[[email protected] ~]# cd ..

[[email protected] /]# ls
   backup boot etc lib lost+found mnt proc run srv sys usr bin dev home lib64 media opt root sbin storage tmp var

[[email protected] /]# cd storage

[[email protected] storage]# ls
   backups lost+found music id_rsa.pub movies pictures usbdrive1

[[email protected] storage]# chmod -R 777 music

[[email protected] storage]#


  • cd is the change directory command.
  • Use ls to list the contents of the folder you're in. That helps you find your way around.
  • Once you see the music folder you can issue the chmod command to change attributes.
  • -R tells the system to change every directory, subdirectory and file inside music
  • 777 tells the system to give everything read, write and executable/searchable permissions.
It takes my quite slow system just a couple of seconds to go through 10,000+ files changing those that need changed. Then rescan or rebuild your library and you should find the missing files in your library. 

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