Playing DSDs with Squeezebox

Posted by trig on October 7, 2015

To Say Hello

I read your article about DSD files on Squeezebox with great interest as I was just experimenting with music servers like Logitech Media Server and Music Player Daemon.

As Runeaudio and Volumio look like much work in progress and cannot be used with my Squeezebox Touch, I decided to stick to the Squeezebox Server for a while. My main interest is listening to high quality music, but that alone is not enough these days. As the LMS is no longer supported it turned out that I had to be a programmer as well. Because after version 7.7.5 releases seem to have different bugs and functionality on different platforms. Before I succeeded updating LMS version 7.7.2 to version 7.9 on my QNAP NAS, I spent a lot of hours on forums and I also had to increase my knowledge of Linux considerably. While my music collection is growing the QNAP TS-119 is getting slower and slower.

The new Raspberry Pi 2 is a step forward, so I decided it to move the LMS to the Pi. The new set up looks like this. Server: LMS 7.9 from with “DSD player” plugin, but without “Enhanced Digital Output” plugin, running on Pi 2B. Players: SBT and separate Pi 2B with Digi+ running PiCorePlayer. Both players are connected by coax to an Arcam irDAC (max 24bit/192KHz, but no DSD support) file type options in LMS 7.9 for both players:

  • DFF DFF  Native
  • DFF FLAC  dsdplay
  • DFF FLAC  dsdplay
  • DSF DSF  Native
  • DSF FLAC  dsdplay
  • DSF FLAC  dsdplay

SBT: “DSDPlayer will transcode DSD to PCM” (with resampling parameters all “none”). SBT plays the DSF file, even without EDO, to the irDAC (I don’t know at which sample rate though).

PiCorePlayer: “This player supports native playback of DSD files. DSD-over-PCM should be configured on the player configuration interface.” The irDAC doesn’t support DSD so the DSF file will not play with decoder mode “native”. Disabling “native” does not trigger DoP however, so it seems not possible to play DSF files on the PiCorePlayer other than purchasing an expensive DSD capable DAC.



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