PiCorePlayer Version 1.18

Posted by trig on October 3, 2014

PiCorePlayer is our favorite Squeezebox player for the Raspberry Pi. It is based on Squeezelite, which is fast and stable, and adds a Pi-specific web interface for configuration.

Version 1.17 of PiCorePlayer was released in late August 2014 and not much more than a month later (September 30th) here is Version 1.18. The PiCorePlayer team has been working hard! 

The big news is that now PiCorePlayer will work with the latest Raspberry Pi Revision B+ and with the HiFiBerry DAC+ and Digi+ cards that have been designed to work with the B+. The new version also supports the new IQaudIO+ card.

Something else to note is that with the latest version you can just type in the Pi's IP address to access the PiCorePlayer web interface, as it now uses the default port :80. (With Version 1.16 and earlier you had to explicitly use port :8077.) Might not seem like a big deal to experienced users, but it's a smart step forward in making the entire environment easier and less confusing to use. Here at easysqueezebox we are enthusiastic about easier!

For full details of the improvements and bug fixes in v1.17 and v1.8 go to the PiCorePlayer download site: https://sites.google.com/site/picoreplayer/home/news.

If you're not already using PiCorePlayer, then V1.18 is now the version to use for your PiCorePlayer project, especially if you plan to use a Pi Rev B+. Should you upgrade from v16 or earlier? If everything is working fine, probably not. If you are experiencing problems then an upgrade might help - see the bug fix information on the PiCorePlayer site. 


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