PiCorePlayer v16 is available

Posted by admin on July 4, 2014

I just got round to upgrading to v16 of PiCorePlayer. I've had some minor quality problems with HDMI audio with previous versions, especially playing 24/96 material, and generally my random experiments with the squeezelite parameters have just made things worse! At first v16 sounded nice and smooth - to my ears at any rate, using the default HDMI settings.

After further listening HDMI didn't sound so good: occasional clicks on 24/96 material after a while. The old problem. I compared with a Logitech Touch connected via the same network cable, and it was fine, so the network is OK. So I increased the buffer rate: PiCorePlayer Squeezelite Settings tab, ALSA settings. I changed the 'b' parameter to 120. So far sounds good, but I'll keep listening!

PiCorePlayer v16 also brings the capability to install upgrades directly on the Pi without removing and re-flashing the SD card. I haven't tested the upgrade capability (there's no v16.1 yet) but that would be a big step forward.

You can download v16 here.

While you're on the site, consider making a donation to support the PiCorePlayer project. You can also click the donate link on the About page of the PiCorePlayer web interface.