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Posted by trig on June 1, 2016

Redrum contacted us with a question about Squeezebox playback on Roku. Here's his note:

Hi, I'm Redrum from the forums, stumbled on to this neat site.

Thanks to all that continue to support this wonderful system. I have 4 receivers, one touch, 2 controllers, and use "SqueezeCntrl".I use them every day.

Beside the ability to play our libraries, one of my favorite features of the SB system is the organization and playback of internet radio stations. Reading this article, and thinking of my no-squeezebox/Roku ready friends, this is a great thing! My question - with Roku Media Player, does it replicate the complete SB interface (i.e. the menu navigation to internet radio stations I have stored in favorites)?

Our reply:

Hi Redrum

Thank you for your encouraging message! We agree with you about the wonderfulness of Squeezebox.

Roku Media Player is not a fully capable squeeze player, although it seems to interact with Squeezebox server to some extent, as it identifies the server on the network (not just the computer running the server) and it can list music by genre, album, artist, and even identifies “new music”. Also it is able to pay FLAC files, even though Roku does not have a built-in FLAC decoder, so I assume they are transcoded to MP3 by the Squeezebox server. 

However many of the features you would expect from a squeeze player are missing. It does not appear as a player in Squeeze Controllers or in the Squeezebox server web interface, it can’t access the server’s Playlists, Favorites, or Internet Radio lists. In fact for playback it performs pretty much as a simple DLNA server. 

So nothing like the real Squeezebox experience, regrettably. But at least it plays. It is actually more useful (faster and easier to use) than MainSqueeze, the only other app I know of that allows you to access a Squeezebox library on Roku.

I would be great if someone could port SqueezePlay to Roku. Should be easy for someone with the right skills (unfortunately that’s not me).



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