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Posted by trig on November 17, 2014

It looks like the imagine Acoustics Squeezebox player (with Amp!) is not very far away. We'll let you know as soon as we get news from Bob. Meantime you might also want to keep an eye on the Imagine Acoustics website where you will can find info about their other products, and also find contact information. 
Here's the latest note from Bob at Imagine Acoustics:
Hi Trig,
Good to hear from you, and thanks for responding so quickly.
In my haste to introduce you to what we are planning, I forgot to complement you on your easysqueezebox web site.
It is really nice to ‘have somewhere to go’, without getting too bogged down in highly technical discussions. These are of course important to establish how to take Squeezebox forward, but if this dominates, it will put many people off from trying a Squeezebox based multiroom solution.
Our view is that many people would be willing to give it a try, providing it is not too complex. Exactly where the barrier lies will of course depend on the individual, but if we can show an easy way to get started, this will draw people in, and encourage many to experiment further.
Looking at the three core elements of Squeezebox, namely a Server, an App and a Player, some things are very easy.  
Getting a server up and running is of course straightforward in terms of running on a Mac or PC. But I would advocate something like Vortexbox as a better more ring-fenced option. A tutorial on how to load Vortexbox on to something like an old Dell Mini 10 laptop would be a good idea. (Editor's Note - see our article Build a Squeezebox Server with Vortexbox.)
The App itself is of course not a problem, as there are a number to choose from for both Android and iOS.
This leaves us with, in Squeezebox parlance, the Player. Now apart from buying 2nd hand Squeezebox products which is certainly an option, the alternative is of course a Raspberry Pi running PiCore player and possibly a Hi-Fi Berry DAC. Whilst this works very well indeed, it might be starting to push the boundaries a little too far for some people, and of course this is still a collection of boards, not a nicely housed complete product.
The other product which was the mainstay for Sonos, prior to the Play series, was the Connect Amplifier. However rather strangely, neither Slim Devices, nor Logitech ever offered an equivalent product. We intend to address this oversight.
So what Imagine Acoustics would like to bring to the market, is both complete products and what one might call 'complementary kits’ to make Squeezebox that much more accessible. And we hope to do this in some novel and interesting ways.
I should be able to supply you with information about our first product in the next couple of weeks.
I also thank you for your suggestion of a ‘screenplay’ product. There are actually several possible options for this, depending on exactly what the user wants to do. I presume that you are thinking about a successor to the Squeezebox Touch? But again, why not incorporate an amplifier as well? Please feel free to encourage your readers to fire their thoughts, suggestions and requests at us, and we will do what we can to service them.
Finally, I presume that you are aware of ickStream, which is an attempt to produce a next generation platform, but at the same time usable as a plug-in for LMS. This is not yet available for general release, but it is one to watch.
Once our new product is released, we will be updating our web-site to reflect our intentions to embrace the Squeezebox platform.
Keep up the good work
Best Regards
Bob Abraham
Imagine Acoustics Ltd


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