IQaudio - another choice for a Pi add-on

Posted by trig on December 17, 2014

Take a look at IQaudio. This newish online company, based in Glasgow, Scotland, has introduced a range of plug-in audio add-ons for Raspberry Pi. First there was the Pi-DAC (for Pi B) an i2s DAC extension board with RCA analog output for your audio system and a built in headphone amplifier with 3.5mm output. That now seems to have been replaced by the Pi-DAC+ (for Pi B+) which is pretty much the same as the Pi-DAC except - no soldering! And now there's the Pi-AMP+ which is an add-on add-on - a 20W/channel Class-D amplifier that sits on top of the Pi-DAC+, which sits on top of the Pi B+. 

We haven't auditioned any of these devices yet. Maybe soon. (So little time, so many things to mess around with. So little money.)

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