Imagine Acoustics: Squeezebox-based products on the way

Posted by trig on November 8, 2014

Here's a message to Easysqueezebox from Bob Abraham at Imagine Acoustics, UK


Hi Folks, We thought that you might like to know that the team at Imagine Acoustics completely agree with your views on Squeezebox and will in the near future be introducing some ready to go and part DIY Squeezebox compatible products.

We have a very novel one to start with. Namely how to make your own Squeezebox amplifier (just connect passive speakers of your choice) for half the price of a Sonos!


Comment from Trig at easysqueezebox:

Hi Bob

Thanks for letting us know about your new Squeezebox product. We're looking forward to seeing it on sale alongside your Apple and Sonus compatible products which received really good reviews.

Your planned Squeezebox-compatible amp sounds very interesting. We've been waiting a long time for serious manufacturers to launch Squeezebox products, so thank you for stepping forward and accepting the challenge! Let us know when you launch and we'll tell our readers.

And once your amp is on the market, a Squeezebox-compatible Screenplay would be rather cool. Just a thought.

Good luck, and Cheers


Easyqueezebox followers can see Imagine Acoustics' current product line at Also, that's where you'll find the first news about their new Squeezebox compatible player, when it's ready.


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