Great Review of HiFiBerry DAC

Posted by trig on July 9, 2014

There was an enthusiastic review of the HiFiBerry DAC on the German website Klang + Ton

Here it is in the original German, from the HiFiBerry website:

For those of you not so fluent in German, this Google translation will make you happy:

Quote: "Very excited, I was of course on my first test of how the whole thing sounds now and if finally high-reso problems issues and closed music files  are played back with no kits Publications Klickgeräusche.Ladies and gentlemen: the is so. Heavy 192-kHz/24-Bit-Material tones now without a murmur, which also caused me great inner joy. That can now easily take with serious finished streaming clients and provides anything but a nice toy dar. for 70 € (Pi + DAC) to get a network player who makes a serious tone and thanks Squeezeserver can boast an unbeatable good service."
I'm sure you get the idea. Seriously, the HiFiBerry DAC add-on for the Raspberry Pi is worth a look. We're not suggesting that this €25 device will out-perform a $1000 DAC, or your stratospherically expensive SSP. (Although that's possible, I suppose.) But if you're using the analog audio output from the Pi just now, then this will be an enormous upgrade, and it will probably sound better than some USB DACs since the HiFiBerry gets its bits direct from the Pi's I2S serial bus.
You can buy one here:
If you use PiCorePlayer on your Pi, then recent versions come ready for both the HiFiBerry DAC and the Digi. The Digi, by the way, gives you both coax and optical SPDIF out so you can plug into that aforementioned $1000 DAC.