Fixing BBC iPlayer

Posted by juni on September 22, 2016

A complicated story but essentially all Squeezebox plugins hosted on the GoogleCode platform are no longer supported - if you have lost your BBC iPlayer capability (you can see and select programmes but it just doesn't play) then read on.
In plugins (Settings/Plugins/Active plugins) you'll probably see that two plugins have been activated - BBC iPlayer by Triode and BBC iPlayer Extras by bpa. You'll need to update these to get iPlayer working so do the following.

  • Deselect both plugins, apply and restart Squeezebox;
  • Copy and paste the following updated plugins into the 'Additional Repositories':
  • Apply and restart;
  • Select the two new Additional Repositories that will appear immediately above the 'Additional Repositories' section - Apply and restart;
  • Go to 'Settings/Advanced/BBC iPlayer' and from the 'Live Stream Preference' dropdown box select 'DASH>HLS>MP3>FlashAAC';
  • Repeat this selection for 'On Demand Stream Preference';
  • Go to 'Settings/Advanced/BBC iPlayer Extras' and check that 'DASH streams' inhibit box is not selected;
  • Restart and enjoy.

If you reside outside the UK there are some restrictions imposed on access to BBC iPlayer - my North American based colleague will provide further infromation shortly.

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