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IQaudio - another choice for a Pi add-on

IQaudio, based in Scotland, are building a range of Pi audio add-ons.
Recent Blogs Take a look at IQaudio. This newish online company, based in Glasgow, Scotland, has introduced a range of plug-in audio add-ons for Raspberry Pi. First there was th…

Another Online Source for Squeeze Players

Squeezebox enthusiasts who simply don't do-it-themselves will approve of this UK-based online store.
Recent Blogs Building a DIY Squeeze player using a Raspberry Pi and an add-on DAC or digital output board is really quite easy, especially if you use a Pi Model B+, as the plus …

PiCorePlayer Version 1.18

New version of PiCorePlayer released.
PiCorePlayer is our favorite Squeezebox player for the Raspberry Pi. It is based on Squeezelite, which is fast and stable, and adds a Pi-specific web interface for configuration. …