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More info from Imagine Acoustics

Update on Imagine Acoustic's Squeezebox player + Amp combo. Coming soon.
It looks like the imagine Acoustics Squeezebox player (with Amp!) is not very far away. We'll let you know as soon as we get news from Bob. Meantime you might also want to keep an…

Imagine Acoustics: Squeezebox-based products on the way

News from Bob at Imagine Acoustics
Recent Blogs Here's a message to Easysqueezebox from Bob Abraham at Imagine Acoustics, UK Message Hi Folks, We thought that you might like to know that the team at Imagine…

Roku as a Squeezebox Player

Roku, LMS, FLAC. Yes it works, sort of. And it's easy.
Recent Blogs A year or so ago, I put the Roku to the back of my mind for music and relegated it to the more mundane task of accessing Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. It just seemed th…