Bid for an Olive ONE!

Posted by trig on December 17, 2014

The friendly people at Olive Music sent me an email last week, inviting me to bid for one of their new Olive ONE players. Every day they'll sell some Olive ONEs to an unspecified number of highest bidders. The original promotion was intended to end a couple of weeks ago, but it's been extended for a bit longer and the site is still open for bids. So, if you're tempted, there's still an opportunity to submit a bid at

Some people will like the cool appearance, others will be attracted by the touchscreen controller, yet others by the decent audio specification. One box is a player (including DAC and small Amp). The other two ONEs in the range look just the same and are players too, but they also have storage so they can act as servers too.

Important Note: The Olive ONE has no Squeezebox player or server capability: it appears to be DLNA/UPnP only. (But please read on!) The Olive ONE is a Linux-based device, and others (yes I mean Vortexbox) have comfortably slotted a Player, a DLNA server and a Squeezebox server all together in one package that runs nicely on a fairly modest Linux box. However Squeezebox servers are easy (especially if you use Vortexbox). But if Olive had installed Squeeze player software on the ONE, that would really have been exciting. There are lots (anyone know how many?) of Squeezebox users out there who have been deprived of the ability to spend their cash on smart-looking Squeeze players for a long time. My PiCorePlayer devices work brilliantly, but it would be rather nice to have something like a ONE in my living room, to impress visitors who aren't impressed by the actual music I play for them (just a matter of taste).

Notable quote from the Olive website: "Our Software Development Kit will allow developers to build custom apps around your music experience at home." Great! So if you're a developer, and already involved in Squeeze development, get hold of one of these nice boxes (send in a bid) and port Squeezeplay or Squeezelite to the Olive ONE so people will at last have a very cool device in their music room to replace their ageing Logitech Touch boxes.

Another notable quote from the same page: "Enter your feedback and suggestions right on the built-in touchscreen and send it off. Based on community demand and rating it will be added to our development roadmap. Since ONE can be easily updated via the internet your wish might soon come true." So if you're not a developer you can still do your bit. Send a polite note to Olive asking them to please add Squeezebox player functionality to their devices.

Some history. I was an Olive early adopter and years ago (2005) I owned an early Olive Symphony. It performed brilliantly as a music player. In fact, that device convinced me that digital music was the way of the future. As a server it wasn't so great, because the drive was too small, and difficult to upgrade. The system then, as now, was based on DLNA, which didn't impress me. So it was Olive that set me on the path to find a music server/player environment that worked better for my purposes. I found Squeezebox. I'd kinda like to buy another Olive, for old times' sake, but it's got to have Squeeze!

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