BBC close WMA and AAC radio feeds

Posted by juni on February 11, 2015

The BBC has caused some consternation among the Squeeze community by ceasing their wma and aac radio streaming. See

Options seem to be limited but boil down to using the mp3 streaming service.

Try using the Home/Radio/Search menu and look for 'BBC Radio 2' for example. Add to 'Favorites'

Alternatively, all the mp3 streams are available via

A contributor to the discussion has suggested the following procedure:-

1) select streaming mp3 from the icons at the bottom of the page;
2) find your station and click on the red 128k listen button;
3) download (not open) the .pls file;
4) open the pls file as a text document (i.e. with notepad etc, not your usual media player);
5) The url (starting http) for your station to be revealed;
5) Paste this into LMS radio url and save as a favourite.

See for the discussion around this topic.






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