B&W Society of Sound is No More

Posted by admin on June 23, 2019

Oh Dear. B&W's Society of Sound has been closed down. If you were a member, you needed to download your last albums before 31st March, so if you missed the e-mail notifying you, you're too late. 

Also if you didn't ask for a rebate for your outstanding subscription period before the close down, there seems to be no way to get in touch, except maybe going on a the bus to B&W's world headquarters, wherever that is these days, and knocking on the door. I wonder how many months' worth of subscrptions that amounts to? Is B&W they really that hard up? At the same time, they've also managed to upset customers who were recently sold big-tiicket products that included complementary SoS. So how will that affect repeat business? 

I'm sure B&W could have upped the fees without shedding too many customers, but that didn't seem to be an option. So what's going on? Here's one possible explanation. 

Anyone who has played around with audio for a few years is aware that the performance gap between medium and high-end equipment has been narrowing as the price gap has been widening. Consequently it looks like the market for expensive high-end gear is now becoming focused on brand prestige, image and fashion, rather than aimimg to amaze us with superior audio quality - because superior audio quality can now be achieved at a much more affordable price.

At the same time the income gap in the developed world is becoming wider and wider every year. High-end companies are increasingly focused on the kind of products that attract the wealthy, and a smaller proportion of the population is wealthy. With this not insubstantial shift, it seems likely that the demographic sector attracted towards SoS is no longer a good fit for B&W. Merely a conjecture of course. 



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