Another Online Source for Squeeze Players

Posted by trig on December 17, 2014

Building a DIY Squeeze player using a Raspberry Pi and an add-on DAC or digital output board is really quite easy, especially if you use a Pi Model B+, as the plus version doesn't require you to solder on the additional header connector. It's a simple assembly job well within the capability of an intelligent adolescent. If you are not an intelligent adolescent, and prefer to have some other chappie plug the parts together for you, you'll like what's on offer at the UK online store

They sell the Pi+PiCorePLayer+HiFiBerry DAC combination that we describe here (HiFiBerry DAC) and here (PiCorePLayer), all assembled in a neat plastic box. Other pre-built combinations offered are Pi-based devices incorporating the HiFiBerry Digi and the IQaudio Pi-DAC.

No doubt the Digital Living Room range will expand as other DIY modules appear on the market place. For those who prefer to buy products rather than kit components, their site is worth a look, although note that the website doesn't say a lot about warranties and support (yet).

Altogether, another promising sign that Squeezebox products are on the way back to the marketplace.


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