Album Art Frustrating Problem

Posted by trig on November 17, 2014

About three months ago, I downloaded an HD FLAC file and album art - reputable website, paid-for download, JPG album art and PDF brochure included. Music was great, but the album art refused to appear. After working through all the usual easy fixes without success, I decided to do some rigorous troubleshooting. Great way to waste a Saturday morning.

The entire story of testing, deleting, re-downloading and so on is way too long to include in a blog. Boring too. Suffice to say that the problem was eventually fixed. In order to help others who might come across this rare problem, and save them at least a couple of Saturday morning hours, here's what I found.

Squeezebox is supposed to find a file called cover.jpg when it's contained in the relevant Album folder. Well the file was there, and it was a wonderfully fine file, 600x600, no discernable problems. Nevertheless I renamed it, re-downloaded it, downsized it and generally messed around, all with no results.

It then dawned on me (I'm slow sometimes) that Squeezebox looks for embedded art before it looks for art in the Album folder. I opened the music files with a tag editor, hoping to see a blank file in there or at least something. Nothing. So I decided to just embed some artwork to see if that might work. Hmmm. The app asked me if it was OK to overwrite the previous contents, even though I could see no contents. I allowed the overwrite, uploaded the new file set to Squeezebox Server and of course the embedded artwork appeared. 

My guess is that there were some odd artefacts in the place where the cover art should be. Either they were there in the files when I downloaded them, or were added by accident when I edited the track tags. Either way, the problem was fixed.

We've added a mention of this (remote) possibility in the easysqueeezebox article on Album Artwork

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