Imagine Acoustics' PODULE

We have had a first look at Imagine Acoustics PODULE ...

Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled with faster processor and more memory

A new budget-priced Raspberry Pi computer has been unveiled ...,

Squeezebox Server 7.9.0

New Betas available today.

IQaudio - another choice for a Pi add-on

IQaudio, based in Scotland, are building a range of Pi audio add-ons.

Another Online Source for Squeeze Players

Squeezebox enthusiasts who simply don't do-it-themselves will approve of this UK-based online store.

Bid for an Olive ONE!

You can still send in a bid to Olive for one of their ONE music players. There's no Squeezebox capability, but read on...

Vidabox OpenSqueeze Player

A headless Squeezebox Player with DAC from Vidabox

PiCorePlayer v1.18b

PiCorePlayer v1.18b released 2-Nov-2014

More info from Imagine Acoustics

Update on Imagine Acoustic's Squeezebox player + Amp combo. Coming soon.

Album Art Frustrating Problem

Easy fix for unusual artwork file problem.

Imagine Acoustics: Squeezebox-based products on the way

News from Bob at Imagine Acoustics

Thank you Flanux!

This is a note from Flanux in the Netherlands.

PiCorePlayer Version 1.18

New version of PiCorePlayer released.

HiFiBerry DAC+

New HiFiBerry DAC, compatible with Pi Rev B+

HiFiBerry DAC

We recently published a project guide for the installation of a HiFiBerry DAC. But how does it sound?

Roku Soundbridge - a Squeeze Player Once More

A ten-year old Soundbridge is brought back to life by LMS 7.8.0

Raspberry Pi B+ Launched

An improved Raspberry Pi Model B has been launched this month. Among the enhancements are addtional USB ports (4*USB 2.0), a mic…

Roku as a Squeezebox Player

Roku, LMS, FLAC. Yes it works, sort of. And it's easy.

The Mystery of the Schleich Shropshire Sheep

Not much to do with Squeezebox.

Linn focuses on Linn

Linn records - A new emphasis on its own products
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