This article contains a list of streaming services that can easily be set up on your squeezebox server, and can be played through any of your squeezebox playback devices.

We regard any service that enables you to receive a continuous 'stream' of content as a streaming service. But streaming services differ in how much control the listener has over the content.

Some Internet music services are highly customizable services. They allow you to design your own streams by selecting specific music tracks and making playlists. They also generally provide a set of pre-built playlists you can listen to, and sometimes, selections within a genre which operate as on-demand radio channels. They work something like a lending library, in that you can select what to listen to, sometimes even download it for off-line playing, but the music never belongs to you. Some plugins for these services are enabled automatically when you install Squeezebox server. Others will require the addition of a plugin.  If you aren't familiar with how to do that, we provide some helpful information towards the end of this article. 

At the same time, the kind of programming services provided by traditional over-the-air radio services are still popular. Some traditional broadcasters now offer their live streams over the Internet, and many of these include music programming. Others go further and allow you to access archived program material too. While some listeners object to some producer telling you what to listen to, others find this a great way to experience genres and performers they might otherwise never have experienced. Some of these should be available under the Radio heading (provided via TuneIn) as soon as you install Squeezebox server. Others will need you to add a plugin. 

List of Streaming Services: Radio and On-Demand


Music from

Third-party Plugin: Band's Campout, by Michael Herger. 


The BBC streaming services consist of live broadcast of all BBC radio channels, plus access to archived content. A tremendously wide range of music: almost any genre you can think of gets some attention some time. Yes, free jazz, avant garde and byzantine chants. Well, not every day. Also mainstream classical, jazz, pop, folk ... Talk radio too.

Third-party plugin for live streams and recent archives: BBC iPlayer, by Triode.

Third-party plugin for older archived material: install BBC iPlayer, then add BBC iPlayer Extras, by bpa. 


Register at: The Deezer Free and Deezer Premium+ services both work well on Squeezebox. They both stream MP3 at 320kbps, but the Free service is limited to radio-station-style streaming by genre. (Deezer Elite streams at 16/44.1 CD quality but that is not available on Squeezebox.) 

Install the Logitech plugin: Deezer. Select the check box to enable the plugin. Click on the Logitech link beside the Deezer plugin on the Plugin page, log in to and install the app. Then (still in click Configure and enter your Deezer login and password. Deezer will then appear under My Apps on all your players and in the Squeezebox server web interface. (If it doesn't appear, you may need to reboot your server: varies by platform and app.)

Live Music Archive No registration required. A mixed bag of live recordings from Music quality and recording quality vary a lot, but it's worth a browse. You might find your local bar band on there. If not, get your local bar band to send in a recording of a live session.

Logitech plugin: Live Music Archive. Go to settings/plgins. Click the check box next to the Live Music Archive to enable the plugin, then click on the Logitech link, log in to and install the app. 


A source for hundreds of Internet radio stations. 

Logitech plugin: Live365


Logitech plugin: Napster


MOG no longer exists. Bought by Beats Music, which was bought by Apple Music, which is not compatible with Squeezebox. A pity, because MOG was a rather good product with a large and highly varied selection of music, and it worked well in a Squeezebox setup. 

NPR Radio

Third-party plugin: NPR Radio, by bpa.


Logitech plugin: Pandora


Subscription service, with Hi-Fi option at a higher rate. Note that the annual-paid Sublime service now includes CD-quality streaming, and the annual Sublime Gold service has Hi-Res streaming. Qobuz also offers music downloads and Sublime streaming subscribers get some discounts on Hi-Res downloads. 

Third-party plugin: Qobuz, by Peirre Beck and Michael Herger

Radio Paradise

A venerable eclectic radio station that's listener-supported, so they'll welcome your donations at The third-party plugin, Radio Paradise by Michael Herger, works well, provides a FLAC stream, and enables the RP "Play Something Different" feature. RP is also available as an AAC 30o kbps stream on Squeezebox Radio in the Eclectic category.


Rhapsody is now Napster, q.v.


Register at Slacker Basic (free) and Slacker Plus (paid) offer "hand-crafted radio streams. Slacker Plus is free of ad interruptions. Slacker Premium (Paid) provides the ability to select individual tracks and albums and build your own playlists. 

Logitech plugin: Slacker. Select the check box to enable the plugin. Click on the Logitech link beside the Slacker plugin on the Plugin page, log in to and install the app. Then (still in click Configure and enter your Slacker login and password. Slacker will then appear under My Apps on all your players and in the Squeezebox server web interface. (If it doesn't appear, you may need to reboot your server: varies by platform and app.)


Register at Playback on Squeezebox devices requires a paid Spotify Premium subscription. The Spotify Free service will not work on Squeezebox. 

The relationship between Spotify and Squeezebox goes up and down, on and off. As of 19th July 2017, the old Spotify plugins stopped working because of some changes in the Spotify software. Those plugins are probable still in your plugin list. Those old plugins are called: "Spotify" (Logitech), "Spotify Protocol Handler" (Triode & Michael Herger), and "3rd Party Spotify Handler" (Triode). None of these will work now, so you should uncheck them in your plugin list to uninstall them. 

However, Spotify fans have not been abandoned! Michael Herger has come to the rescue and produced a brand new "next generation" implementation of Spotify for Squeezebox called "Spotty". You'll find it in the list of 3rd Party Plugins in Squeezebox Settings. 

Michael's detailed installation instructions and notes are here: Spotty instructions.

We have tried this on an up-to-date Vortexbox implementation of Squeezebox and it works just fine! Well done, Michael. 


One of the few streaming services offering CD-quality stream, for a premium charge.

Logitech plugin: TIDAL


A valuable repository of hundreds of radio stations. Comes installed with Squeezebox Server. The free service provides lots of stations, but for a monthly fee the Premium service allows to to access additional special interest stations, podcasts etc. 

In order to save TuneIn radio stations in "My Presets" you will need to create a Free or Premium TuneIn account at Then go to settings/advanced/ and select TuneIn in the dropdown. Enter your TuneIn user ID here.

Note: If your TuneIn favorites are not being saved in My Presets you may need a server upgrade. Alternatively you can log in to TuneIn online and set your radio presets there - they should then appear under My Presets in Squeezebox.

Not yet at the Squeezebox party

Three big names in streaming are not yet Squeezebox-friendly: Amazon MusicApple Music and Google Play Music. 

Amazon Music is available on a range of non-Amazon hardware so there does not seem to be any technical barrier to developing a Squeezebox plugin. Amazon has not published an API for Amazon Music, so that's a bit of a problem. 

Apple Music is much more restrictive, and so no one expects Apple to issue an API. It's not really an Apple thing to do these days. However Apple Music is available for Android and Windows, so it must be possible to build a Squeezebox plugin. But don't hold your breath.

Google Play Music is available only for Android, IoS and Chrome Browser. The Google setup is really focused on mobile devices, with the notion that playback on grown-up audio equipment will be via a Chromecast device. Google has not published an official API, but an unofficial API does exist, which Ronald Hecht has used to create a workaround plugin for Squeezebox that makes Squeezebox identify itself as a registered mobile device. This is a fine effort: it works, but it's not exactly a two-minute job to set it up. If you'd like to try, here is the link ...

Apart from the big three names, a notable absence from the Squeezebox party is Primephonic: notable because they offer CD-quality, classical-only streaming which would probably appeal to a slice of the Squeezebox community. However the service was launched in June 2017, so they might be working on it. 

I'm sure there are expert members of the Squeezebox community who would be very happy to build plugins for any of these big-name services. All those companies need to do is to cooperate a little by publishing technical details of how to securely interface with their systems. By doing so, they would extend their paying user base by ... well, a few. No one really knows how many Squeezebox systems are out there, since it's not easy to count users of open source software. Still it wouldn't cost these companies any money to provide the details needed for the community to develop a plug-in, so the return on investment would be infinitely high, theoretically, I suppose.

Adding Plugins

To add a plugin, open the Squeezebox Server web interface. Click Settings in the bottom right hand corner, then choose the Plugins tab. Find the plugin you need, then check the box to the left. When you refresh the page, the plugin entry will have moved up to the list of "Active plugins" at the top of the page. 

Some Logitech-written apps are optimized for use with After enabling the app as described above, click the Logitech link to the right of the plugin on the Plugin settings page. Log into and install the app from there. Click the Configure button to add login credentials for each service.

Adding extra repositories

Most of the plugins you need will already be either in the Logitech list, or in the approved "3rd Party" list. You can add extra third party repositories if necessary by adding the URL in the box at the foot of the Plugins page. The additional repositories may not become effective until after a reboot of the server.

These are three repository URLs that have proved useful in the past, but most of the contents are now available in the official 3rd party list.


Michael Herger:


Page first published: 2017-06-30

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