A number of Tag editing tools are available, TagScanner is a powerful, intuitive and 'free for personal use' editing tool for Windows OS. This download site offers the application without 'bloatware' – http://www.xdlab.ru/en/download.htm. Further reading about TagScanner can be found at http://xdlab.ru/files/ts_manual.pdf

Editing Tags Using TagScanner


Open the TAG Editor Tab and drag the music files across to the left hand panel.

The second menu tab selects 'all' and attributes can be locked by clicking on the descriptors – this helps when switching between multiple disc albums. Locked attribute will highlight in Turquoise.


Album Artist

If the 'Track Artist' is consistent across all album tracks, Squeezebox Server™ will interpolate the 'Album Artist' as the 'Track Artist' unless otherwise directed. To reduce the risk of errors, we recommend entering the name of the artist in the 'Album Artist' tag.


A word about setting Tags for compilations – if the 'Part of Compilation' box is ticked then Squeezebox Server™ will display 'Track Name' by 'Track Artist' (even if they are the same). Similarly, if the 'Track Name' and the 'Track Artist' are different (e.g. 'Gladys Knight' and 'Gladys Knight & The Pips') Squeezebox Server™ will interpret this as a compilation and will display 'Track Name' by 'Track Artist' whether or not the 'Part of Compilation' box is ticked or not.


Multiple Discs

We suggest that the 'Disc/Of' is only completed where multiple discs are being indexed – this stops Squeezebox Server™ displaying redundant disc information alongside the track information during playback.

Final Checks

TagScanner allows you to manage the attributes of multiple files simultaneously. Drag all the folders for an artist into TagScanner, select 'all' and check that the 'Artist Name' is consistent before rescanning Squeezebox Server™. This will prevent multiple entries of the artists name when searching. If you make an error then Squeezebox Server™ may not properly accept the correction after a media rescan and you may have to perform a reload of the metadata - 'Settings/Rescan Media Library/Clear library and rescan everything'.

An annoying quirk of Squeezebox Server™ is that if an artist entry has been entered as 'Surname, Forename', the index refects that structure for all subsequent entries even those that are entered 'Forename, Surname'. Reloading the metadata does not correct this structure - so make sure that the name structure is set correctly for all new artists copied into the Squeezebox Server™ database.


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