Having invested a great deal of time creating your music files (and sorting out the tags) you will want to ensure you are resilient to failures that would result in file loss or corruption. There are many ways to skin this particular feline but here are some suggestions.

Primary Back-up (around the CPU)


Your music server will store files on the HDD either within the CPU running Squeezebox Server™ or an external HDD associated with the CPU. If you have capacity then a second HDD should be added either within the box or connected externally. This will provide the means of protecting you against a HDD failure/file corruption.

Secondary Back-up (remote from the CPU)


A catastrophic failure such as a flood or fire could of course destroy your storage within the vicinity of the music server so a secondary back-up should be considered. The easiest way of achieving this is to use another networked computer with sufficient capacity to back-up your primary files.

Tertiary Back-up (remote from the main building)


Call me paranoid, but I fear that my house could burn down. While that in of itself would be a considerable inconvenience, I suspect that the insurance coverage would not recompense me the days that I have spent building my music library and ,anyway, I'm not sure I could muster the enthusiam to rebuild the music library from scratch .

The cloud is an obvious choice for a tertiary back-up but that starts to become costly when you reach GBs of music storage so I prefer to hold a HDD in a garage, shed or other out-building that would probably survive a destructive house fire.

How to Back-up


Well and good; we have three levels of resilience but we need to keep them synchronised. Some Freeware you can use for this is SyncBackFree.


The configuration is straightforward. I prefer to 'mirror' the 'Destination' with the 'Source' which keeps the drives uncluttered. Schedule the Primary and Secondary for a daily back-up and always make file alterations to the Primary Music Server HDD. This ensures that if mistakes are made you always have a clean copy to revert to. My schedule looks like this:-







Music Server HDD

HDD Drive Partition or Outboard HDD

0300 Daily


Music Server HDD

Networked Computer HDD

0500 Daily


Networked Computer HDD

Back-up HDD

Every three months


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