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On Windows operating systems, we recommend EAC for encoding CDs into FLAC – it is powerful and 'free for personal use'. . There are many other rippers available for Windows and most of them work. However EAC has two virtues: it is, as it says, exact; and it doesn't cost money.

We have recommended a few configuration settings that will help you get the most out of this tool. (See also


EAC (Exact Audio Copy) Encoding Tool (Configuration)

EAC/EAC Options.../Extraction


EAC/EAC Options.../General


EAC/EAC Options.../Tools


EAC/EAC Options.../Write


EAC/Drive Options.../Extraction


EAC/Drive Options.../External Compression


EAC (Exact Audio Copy) Encoding Tool (Ripping)

EAC will extract the CD tracks and write them as WAV files, then call upon an external encoder (in this case FLAC) to encode the files. Add as much information about the CD as possible at this stage as it will construct the Tags saving time and trouble later. Insert CD and start EAC and the panel should look similar to this:-


Now Access the 'Database/Get CD Information From/Remote Metadata Provider Alt+G.

Select the most appropriate listing (bearing in mind case format) which can be viewed by hovering above the listing.


In this case the first offering seems to be apposite. You will then be asked about cover images search. Take a look at the suggestions; if none suit Google for an image and drag it to the EAC 'CD Cover' panel. Set the 'CD Performer' (will Tag the 'Album Artist'), and the 'Number Of CDs'.


Saving Files

We recommend saving music files into a folder bearing the album name and the encoding format. e.g. 'The Best Of Gladys Knight & The Pips [mp3]' or 'The Best Of Pink Floyd [flac]'. This assists the identification of folders when there is an opportunity to upgrade file formats. The album folders should be saved as sub-folders under the Artist Name making it easy to find albums when working with the music data folders. Squeezebox Server™ ignores the music data file structure creating its index from the individual music files.

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